Persian TABBY: The marking should exhibit a classical Tabby pattern, i.e. a “M�? on the forehead, two to three lines going through from the eye angles to the back of the head, at least two continuous chest rings, on the shoulders a butterfly design, three parallel lines running along the spinal column, a large mark on each flank (so-called shell), as well rings on legs and tail. This sample should be identical on both sides. The game colouring, also Agouti mentioned, is based on the 2 - to 3fold bright darkness tips of each individual hair. The hair point is always dark. All tabby have every a white chin, pigmented lips bordered nose, foot bundle and lids and darkens cord hair cushion. The classical Tabby pattern (Classic Tabby), gives it also still the strip marking (Mackerel Tabby) or spot marking (Spotted Tabby), and this in innumerably possible color variations with and without white.

With the Classic pulls itself a dark strip over the back, which reaches from the shoulder to the tail point. Parallel to it still another further strip runs on each side. Between these three strips the basic clay/tone is to be white clearly visible. At the flanks are marks in the basic colour, which must be circumscribed by dark strips clearly. On the lower chest and/or ventral side two rows are to be recognized points. The legs and the tail are regularly rings.
With the Mackerel pulls itself a dark strip over the back up to the tail. Outgoing from the backbone, strips without spirals or wheel design draw themselves narrow senkrechte over the flanks, which are to be clearly from each other defined. From the lower chest and/or ventral side as with the Classic Tabby in double lines runs points. The legs and the tail are regularly rings.
SPOTTED TABBY: (don´t allowed by CFA)
Also with these Tabby variant the design should be clear. The design on the cheeks deviates here, it consists of light eddies. Over the back a lighter strip pulls itself. On the body are numerous round or oval spots. These are separated from each other and the form are uniform. The spots should be numerous and balanced arranged. The legs and the tail are regularly rings.

classic (blotched) tabby
classic (blotched)
mackerel tabby
spotted tabby

Persian black-silver-tabby: The Silver Tabby is divided in two different groups, with green and/or orange eyes. Long time preferentially Silver Tabby with green eyes were bred, but more and more are bred these cats with copper or hazelnut eyes.

Persian, (black)-silver-tabby: It is probably considered as one of the most attractive long hair cats. Although it is very heavy to breed here standard-fair animals. Often it is missing at the typical persian type or however at the desired green or hazelnut eye color (in the meantime it is recognized also with copper eye color). If both is present, determines the Tabby pattern leaves wish remaining. The figure should resemble again the classical Persian standard, but often is these animals just like the Chinchilla Persian from a more tender figure.
The ears stand broadly apart and have very beautiful ear bundles. The paws are round and strong and the foot bundles are black. The nose mirror must be brick-red.
The coloring of the nose mirror from black to brick-red begins between the 8th and 10th week of life, in fact from the inside to the outside. 
Nose, lids and foot bundles are black bordered. The coat has a silver basic colour, on which the ebony-black design stands out particularly well. Silver Tabbys carry the inhibitor gene I additionally to the Agouti.
These tender and very support-needy animals inspire a great many cat lovers.

Persian blue-silver-tabby: Blue silver tabby corresponds black silver tabby, the Tabby sample is only here in blue on silver underground. The mouth, the nose and eye edges are blue. The nose mirror is blue or old-pink likewise the foot bundles.

Persian, cameo-tabby (red-silver-tabby): The basic colour is off-white. The markings are red and the undercoat is silver white. Lips and chin have the same colour as the rings around the eyes. The nose, eyes and foot bundles are red bordered to pink and. The eyes are copper colors.

Persian, cream-cameo-tabby (cream-silver-tabby): It corresponds the Cameo Tabby, the tabby pattern is in cream.

Persian, tortie-silver-tabby (silver-patched-tabby): The basic colour is a clear silver. The Tabby lines are in black. On the body and the legs are red marks. The mouth, the nose and the eye edges are black or red. The nose mirror is brick-red and the foot bundles are black or red.

Persian, blue-tortie-silver-tabby (blue-patched-silver-tabby): The basic colour is a clear silver. The Tabby lines are in blue. On the body and the legs are cream marks. The mouth, the nose and the eye edges are blue or red. The nose mirror is brick-red and the foot bundles are blue or cream.

Persian, brown-tabby (black-tabby): These animals correspond again to the Persian standard. Their eyes are bright copper colors. The basic colour of the coat is a warm yellow-brown to copper-brown, the design on it jet black in the classical Tabby pattern.

Persian, chocolate-tabby: The basic color is beige. The tabby pattern is brown. The nose is old pink and has a border in milkchocolate. The eyelids are also bordered in milkchocolate. The paw pads are milkchocolate.

Persian, lilac-tabby: The basic color is light beige. The tabby pattern is glacial grey. The nose is pink with and has a border in  lavender-pink. The paw pads and the eyelids are in lavender-pink.

Persian, blue-tabby: Although this Tabby color is already very old, she was neglect badly treated long time and only lately again efforts are in full swing to make this color variant more popular.
The Tabby pattern should be here very deeply slate blue on a basic colour of ivory. Eye color also here bright copper.

Persian, red-tabby: One sees this color variant now already somewhat more frequently on exhibitions. 
The low-dark red Tabby pattern, stands for a full red contrary to its basic colour. 
Eye color should be low orange or copper.

Persian, red-tabby non-agouti: This variant is characterized by a beautiful drawing Tabby. But genetically speaking, this red-tabby variant is not a red-tabby. All the characteristics of red-tabbies are available, only the white chin is missing. This red-tabbies are e.g. by a breed with a  red male and a tortie female.

Persian, Cream-tabby: The basic colour is a bright cream, the Tabby pattern is a darker cream. As is the case for all Tabby variants are also here the eyes, which nose and the foot bundles are bordering.

Persian, tortie-tabby also brown-patched-tabby (Torbie) is mentioned a further color variant. This color is carried however only by girls. The eye color should be brilliant a copper.

Persian, blue-tortie-tabby (blue-cream-tabby) also  (Blue-Torbie) is mentioned a further color variant. This color is carried however only by girls. The eye color should be brilliant a copper. That is the same as tortie-tabby but black is blue and red is cream.

Persian, lilac-cream-tabby: Very rare is this color variety. This color is carried only my females. The lilac bright grey with rosa glow and with cream stains. She has a white chin as all Tabbies and copper eyes.



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