Thicketyrun´s Delilah of Purrsatin ... chinchilla female, born 1993
Thicketyrun´s Delilah of Purrsatin ... chinchilla female, born 1993
CFA Maribor - Slovenia - Best Cat
Thicketyrun´s Delilah of Purrsatin 
war die erste chinchilla Katze bei der CFA ( Europa ),
 die Beste Katze der Ausstellung wurde.

Persian, chinchilla: The Chinchilla belongs into the family of the tapped Persian. The type should correspond again to the Persian standard, it is usually however from a more tender figure. At first sight it looks like a white Persian, with only a black breath over the hair dress (1/8 Tipping). The coat is purely white and sikly, the tenderly dyed points evenly over the whole body distributed - silvery resplendent.

The eyes are bordered as darkly with a skillful make-up and should be of emerald-greener color. The nose mirror is brick-red and in momentumful line likewise with a black line bordered. In the nature they are very kaprizioes and are fully conscious itself of their distinctive beauty.

Persian, silver-shaded: It was recognized only 1976 of the F.I.Fe and carries the same characteristics as the Chinchilla, only it works by the somewhat longer dyed hair points (1/3 tipping) substantially more darkly. Silver-shaded there are in the colors black-silver-shaded and blue-silver-shaded, both has green eyes, which are black or blue bordered, likewise the nose. The nose is brick-red.

Persian, blue-silver-shaded: The blue-silver-shaded is as the black-silver-shaded. The tipping is blue, she has green eyes and the nose is brick-red. Eyes, nose and paws are blue bordered.

Persian, golden-shaded: As the name already says, this is a Shaded, thus a tipping cat, with seal-browner to black hue with cream-colored under wool, which lends it a golden glow. See particularly distinctive to this basic colour, which become green to eyes out, which must be bordered again darkly to, just like the nose mirrors. It is "newly" one; Persian color and one see it still quite rarely on shows.

Persian, blue-golden-shaded: The basic color is a creamy honey with clear blue tipping on the back, the side and head, thus it is everywhere the diluted version of a golden-shaded. The lips, nose, and eyes are surrounded dark blue. The nose mirrors is pink.
The should be sole blue-grey stripe. Chin, ears, abdomen and chest area have a clear bright honey cream. Eye color is green, blue-grenn will be favoured. The foot bales are lavender or blue.

Persian, golden-chinchilla (golden-shell): This color corresponds with golden shaded only is here the Tipping to 1/8. Also this cat should have green eyes those black bordered, likewise the nose mirror.

Persian, black pewter und blue pewter: This color is relatively unknown, but the number of Pewter breeders and thus cats becomes each year more largely. The first Pewters were breed about 30 years ago. They resemble the Silver Shaded, but the mantle and tipping of a Pewter is heavier than a Shaded Silver.

The black Pewter and the blue Pewter have both a white hair with a black or blue tipping. The eyes are copper or orange ringed of black or blue. The nose red is ringed of black or blue. The lips and the bearings are black or blue.

Faults are green rim to the iris, heavy tabby markings and brown or cream tarnishing

The Pewters are bred from Pewter or smoke and occasionally from black or blue self.

The "Cameo, Pewter and Smoke Society" achieved this milestone in 1986 for the Black Pewters (53). The color pewter is allowed by the GCCF and LOOF.



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