Persian, bicolor: There are here the most diverse color combinations, a color, always with white combined, e.g. black white, blue white, red white, cream white. As is the case for the three-colored cats also here maximally 2/3 color may be and minimum ½, that remainder is white. A white Blesse in the face is wished again and the eye color is orange as with nearly all Persian, or copper. A bicolor, which only the feet are white, as snow shoes, and only a small part of collar is white, is called TUXEDO.

A speciality are Bicolors with blue eyes or odd eyes.

Persian, tortie-white (Dominant Calico)
: Very much likes this "multicolored" cats. In the figure they look again like all other Persian, also only their colors are different. With the Tortie-White the colors should be well distributed over the whole body black and red in large marks and be clearly separate from the white color. Maximally it may not have 2/3 color however less than ½ being colored. In the face it should be also white and a white mark on the back would be desirable.

Persian, blue-tortie-white / dilute calico: For the blue-tortie-white is the same as the tortie-white. The dilute gene (d) changed the color black and red in blue and cream.

Persian, chocolate-tortie-white: All brown colors were accepted, it is not allowed to have rusty trucks or grey undercoat. The nose mirror and the pads are on the colored parts cinnamon or chocolate-colored in the white parts pink.

Persian, harlequin: It turned around exactly as with the Bicolor. 2/3 white and 1/3 color. The color should not become only at the head, a small white vertex in white (divided cap), as defined a tail as possible and no more than three marks at the bodies, possible small leg or paw marks taken in account.

Persian, van: Here the color is divided as follows: 5/6 white and 1/6 color. The color is only at the head, ideally only a divided cap with white ears and defined colored tail. Minimum marksat the leg or chin are tolerated.

All Bicolor and Tricolor cats can likewise be represented with Smoke or Tabby.