Persian, white: The white Persians have 3 different eye colour types. The blue eyed is probably the most attractive of the three, at the same time in addition, the rarest, since the breed is not completely simple. Although, the blue eyed whites do seem to have problems with deafness. Of course breeders pay attention to this and do not use them in a breeding program. Such an animal is however viably as a single animal in the dwelling held, very probably, since the missing hearing becomes balanced by the other senses. The other types are the orange/copper eyed white and the odd eyed white (one blue eye,one orange eye) the latter two or seen more often at exhibition. The Solid white Persians coat must be very well maintained to avoid staining, so that it works always fluffily and appetizing

Persian, black: The coat of the black Persian should be jet black to the roots. A grey undercoat, white fur or a rusty tinge is permissible in a kitten but considered a fault in an adult. The eyes should be Copper.

Persian, chocolate und lilac: Relatively new breeding and therefore are also still quite rarely the colours chocolate (chocolate brown) and lilac (bright grey with rosa glow).

Persian, blue: The blue Persian is probably the type-fullest Persian. Here a cat with a somewhat longer nose does not have a chance on exhibitions. The coat of the blue Persian may have each shade of blue, whereby at present a bright, nearly silver working becomes blue preferential (soon grey). Their nature is, like the all other Persian also, gently, kindly and calm. They sleep dearest with their friend of cat in bed. One can assign them in addition, other sleep places, if one can stand then reproachful views again.

Persian, red: Red persians are relatively rare. It is difficult to breed, really solid red animals without anything Drawing patterns like tabby or striped. A red cat is therefore always one small rarity. Red Persian females are very rare.

Persian, cream: Also not completely simply it is to be bred really perfect cream. They may not be to reddish, in addition, point no strip, marks or shades. As a kitten, they are looking often reddish, but with an age of 3 years it goes in a uniform pale cream over.



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