Kitten of Silverdance Persians - CFA cattery for smoke, solid and cameo persians
In the world of the animals
is a little cat
 the them like a rosenbud
 in a garden.

(Robert Southey)

 copyright Silverdance

Who wants to talk about me and mine, 
should first search himself and his own. 
If he finds there no infirmity 
so let him return, to talk about me and mine!!!
**Silverdance Persians**
is a trustworthy, well-kept cattery
and not a "cat-discount-shop".

Breedinformation for our Cattery

Our pedigrees are registered by genotype
and are not by phenotype.

We breed with Smoke & Solid lines. 

Sunlit, Iwanda, PaJean, Tinafeld, Catburry, Kyaleen, Tinjers, Marhei
Joleigh, Blackice, Kikiland, Harwood, Jovan, Artemis, Petovia, Palmetto

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